Conférence AGP21 n°22, le 24 juin 2019: HVDC Technology key issues for future grids

Association Grands Projets’21Conférence

Lundi 24 Juin 2019, de 9h00 à 10h30 au Palais des Congès de Versailles

Conférence d’ouverture de Jicable’19 en Anglais

HVDC Technology key issues for future grids

Mario Szechtman, CIGRE Technical Committee Chair

To reduce thermal electricity generation and increase the integration of renewable and clean energy sources, many initiatives to develop Energy Grids have been seen in the international electric community. The term Energy Grids sometimes has also been referred to as Overlay Networks, which would be superimposed above national or regional electric systems.

Clean energy resources may be located in remote areas and additionally they may show time zone and climatic diversities.
Therefore, when thinking towards an electrical integrated world, the interconnection of these valuable sources must imply in developing suitable transmission arrangements in order to acquire all benefits arising from this integration.

Under these facts, HVDC technology may show a fundamental importance to materialize the upper level disruptive process.
The presentation will firstly focus on an overview of the technological evolution of HVDC systems in recent years, both for converter stations and transmission lines. Thyristor based and IGBT based systems limits, advantages and possible drawbacks will be outlined in terms of large transmission interconnections.