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Conseil international - International Council

  • AGP21 - International Council
    Bedjaoui Mohammed Algeria

    Ex State Minister of Algeria
    Ex President, Court of Justice of The Hague

    Braga Benedito Brazil

    President of World Water Council
    (Assist : Patrick Johann Schindler)

    Dubeux-Torres Vera Brazil

    Professor -Universidade Federal de Alagoas (UFAL),

    Kitzinger Uwe England

    Uwe Kitzinger

    Koenig Christian Germany

    Professor, University of Bonn, Germany

    Lusk Brooke Kathleen USA

    Building the World

    Merlin André France

    Past president of the International
    Council of large power grids (CIGRE)
    Founder and first CEO of the French Transmission System Operator RTE, France          

    Oosterlinck René Belgium

    Ex Director Galileo Programme, ESA
    Ex Head of ESA Paris Headquarters, France

    Rougerie Jacques France

    Architect, Member of the Institut, France

    Yamamoto Norio Japan

    Executive Vice President - Global Infrastructure Fund, Japan

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